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All too often, people think they’ve found the next great investment opportunity online just to find that it’s a scam. Unfortunately, many of these investors deposit hundreds or even thousands before realizing what’s happening. Of course, scammers aren’t typically amenable to handing out refunds, so these victims need some additional help. Our team’s My Quick Refund review takes a closer look into whether or not this company is the one to go with for investment scam recovery.

What is My Quick Refund?

My Quick Refund is a chargeback company, meaning that they liaison with payment processors and other parties to reverse fraudulent transactions. Overall, their primary focus is online investment scams, although they can also help those affected by credit card and online banking scams. 

On the simplest level, they prove to the payment processor that you’re the victim of a scam and that the payments you’ve sent weren’t received in good faith, although there are many technical factors that go into what they do.

Our My Quick Refund reviews will walk you through everything you need to know about this chargeback company. That includes an overall guide to what investment scam recovery is and how My Quick Refund, in particular, meets the challenges required to recover your lost funds.

Online Investment Scams

My Quick Refund focuses on online investment scams, but what exactly does that mean? There are plenty of different ways that people can lose money through online investing, and they aren’t all scams. Many lose money through making poor or simply unlucky investments with perfectly legitimate trading platforms. That isn’t what we’re talking about here. Online investment scams involve trading platforms that don’t play by the rules, refusing to let you make withdrawals, or stealing your money outright.

During our My Quick Refund reviews, we looked into the specific list of online investment scams that their team deals with most often. This includes:

  • Binary options scams
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams
  • Forex trading scams
  • CFD scams

The common thread among all these assets is that they’re high-risk, potentially high-return investments. That gives novice traders the hope that they can get rich quickly, and they ignore obvious warning signs. However, the team at My Quick Refund can provide effective investment scam recovery to help the victims. Our My Quick Refund reviews will take a closer look at these specific scams and how they operate.

Binary Options Scams

While My Quick Refund has helped many victims of binary options scams recover their funds, this type of scam is becoming less common. That’s because binary options are illegal practically everywhere. You don’t need to figure out if the binary options platform you’re trading on is legitimate or not. You already know it isn’t. Despite this, victims continue to be defrauded by the remaining blatantly illegal binary options scams out there.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Scams

With the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so high today, it has become a rich area for scammers. They promise automated trading, deposit bonuses, exclusive access to initial coin offerings, and more to entice victims. Trading cryptocurrencies is risky enough even without scammers, and the team at My Quick Refund is spending more and more of their time helping victims who have invested with fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Forex Trading Scams

While other types of scams are on the rise, forex trading scams are still among the most significant because they’ve been well-established for years. Plenty of professional traders make their living on the foreign exchanges markets, but they aren’t trading through shady, unregulated platforms online.

CFD Scams

Another common trading scam offers investors contracts for differences (CFDs), a derivative asset that’s not much different from betting on which way a stock or other asset will go, without ever owning that stock. Unfortunately, the CFD trading platforms found online are often fake. While many countries are starting to crack down on CFDs in general, or at least limit them, there are still many legal platforms to trade CFDs on. This makes differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate opportunities difficult for many traders.

My Quick Refund Reviews – Confronting Both Regulated and Unregulated Trading Platforms

Every legitimate trading platform or broker out there is going to have to register with some financial regulator. These regulated platforms are under the supervision and authority of that regulator, so that means they must be safe, right? In actuality, that isn’t always the case. Even regulated platforms can do wrong by their traders, and you might not have effective and timely recourse available to you.

When a regulated platform starts doing things that go against the rules it has agreed to, it could take years for the financial regulator to act. Even then, their reaction could just be fines or temporary suspensions. This means that shady trading platforms can endure for years, even with a stamp of approval from a regulator. While you definitely want to go with a regulated platform versus an unregulated one, there are still risks.

Our My Quick Refund reviews found that their team can help those who have lost money to online investment scams, even when they’ve been taken advantage of by a regulated trading platform. In fact, being regulated often makes it easier for My Quick Refund to secure a quick refund because the threat of intervention from the financial regulator can have serious consequences for the trading platform.

Traders should also recognize that just because a trading platform says it’s regulated doesn’t necessarily mean it is. They could simply be lying. Major financial regulators like the US Securities and Exchange Commission or the UK Financial Conduct Authority have tools on their websites to verify such claims. However, many online investment scams register in countries that are known tax havens. They are regulated in name only, with little to no actual oversight or rules on what they can and can’t do.

The team at My Quick Refund is proficient in getting money back from these kinds of offshore trading platforms. While online anonymity and offshore protections can keep these scammers safe from most of the methods available to traders, My Quick Refund is a professional team that specializes in getting justice for the victims of any and all online investment scams.

Does My Quick Refund Really Deliver on Its Promises?

Everything we’ve seen during our My Quick Refund Reviews seems to say that the company has been highly successful in getting money back for online investment scam victims. Their team can help people regardless of their location, already having served clients from over 50 different countries. In total, they’ve successfully resolved thousands of cases and continue to get quick refunds for more clients every day.

How Does My Quick Refund Successfully Handle Investment Scam Recovery?

The team at My Quick Refund has spent years fine-tuning their methods for getting online scam victims their money back. Overall, their methods follow a three-step process. There is much more going on here than this straightforward process might imply, but My Quick Refund keeps interactions with their clients simple.

1. Reviewing Your Case

The very first part of getting your quick refund is to reach out to My Quick Refund. You can call them directly or fill out the contact form on their website. In either case, you’ll reach one of their representatives who will ask you some important questions. Based on the answers, they’ll be able to tell you then and there if they’ll be able to take on your case and get you a successful refund.

Their team only takes on cases that they can successfully recover. During the initial free consultation, they’ll apply their tested metrics for success to your case. These metrics have been developed by finance, law, and banking experts on their team and have been tested over their years in operation. If your case does meet those metrics, you move on to the next step.

2. Fighting & Disputing Your Case

The team at My Quick Refund will require a few standard documents from you in order to start fighting on your behalf. They’ll track down the scammers, find the appropriate regulators or agencies they’re under, go to the bank or other payment processor you used, or do anything else that will help get your money back. Our My Quick Refund reviews found that their team was really up to the task, with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to pursue every avenue available.

3. Getting Your Money Back

From there, you just have to wait for your quick refund to come in. On average, My Quick Refund handles cases in 40 days from start to finish. That’s a phenomenal timeframe given that these scams are almost always from offshore trading platforms operating in tax haven jurisdictions.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about investment scam recovery. Our My Quick Refund reviews have found that their team does it well, getting great success rates and quick refunds overall. Anyone who has become the victim of an online investment scam could benefit from their free consultations.

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